Koh Samui, Thailand Diving in Thailand, Koh Samui | Дайвинг в Таиланде, о. Самуи

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• Shallow Reef
• Many Soft & Fewer Hard Corals
• Fusiliers, Rays, Angel Fish
• Mild to Moderate Currents
• 8 to 15 Meters Visibility
• All Levels of  Divers

This is really a diver-training site, and provides an excellent alternative to the two at Nang Yuan: if weather makes one inaccessible, the other will not be. The seascape is ideal for those taking their first breaths beneath the ocean’s surface.

The sand is broken by small mounds of staghorn corals and numerous patches of long-spined black sea urchins. Mushroom corals lie individually scattered, as do small sponge-encrusted rocks.

The dominating species among the many fish around these undulating rocks are parrotfish, wrasse, juvenile snappers, squirrelfish and soldierfish. Away from the rocks, numbers of yellowtail barracuda and schooling bannerfish pass by.

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