Koh Samui, Thailand Diving in Thailand, Koh Samui | Дайвинг в Таиланде, о. Самуи

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Koh Wao starstarstarstarstar

• Fringing Island Shallow Reef
• Many Soft & Fewer Hard Corals
• Fusiliers, Rays, Angel Fish
• Mild to Moderate Currents
• 8 to 15 Meters Visibility
• All Levels of  Divers

The bottom composition comprises of small mounds of lesser star boulder corals punctuated with plume worms: there are also mixed table staghorns and good examples of cauliflower, lettuce and vase corals. Into the deeper waters, the reef becomes steeper. There are many sea anemones, and pink anemonefish.

Among the selection of colourful butterflyfish are raccoon, red-tailed and copperband. Around the island’s northern tip are schools of snappers and fusiliers, and you may be able to watch great barracuda and trevallies patrolling the depths. During January and February this is a good place to observe mating cuttlefish.

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