Koh Samui, Thailand Diving in Thailand, Koh Samui | Дайвинг в Таиланде, о. Самуи

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Snapper Moses

Filefish Scribled

Damsel Golden Sargent

Blunt Snout Gregory

Damsel Sergeant Major

Angel Fish Blue Ringed

Box Fish Yellow

Sea Anemone

Acropora Coral

Blue Spotted Stingray

Soft Coral

Sea Fan

Christmas Tree Worm

Big Eyed Soldier Fish



Boxer Shrimp

Anemone Fish

Barrel Sponge

Sea Urgin

Clown Shrimp

Giant Puffer

Butterfly Fish

Chevron Barracuda

Titan Triggerfish

Hawksbill Turtle

Scorpion Fish

Yellow Sea Fan

Skunk Anemone Fish

Whale Shark

Acropora Coral

Schooling Bannerfish

Leopard Shark

Jelly Fish


Porcupine Fish

White Eyed Moray

Long fin batfish


Sea Cucumber

Brown Marbled Grouper

Honeycomb Grouper

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Our treasures: